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Why Photogenic?


Most people who are usually deemed "photogenic" reveal a sort of emitting light; a light that is attention-drawing, attractive, beautiful, or profound. These “photogenic’s” are said to be those who photograph well. However, we believe it’s more than just the outer shell that counts. In our opinion, it is the beautifying inner core and the richness of outer self-confidence that truly makes one "photogenic. "  Plainly said, one usually looks as good as they feel. When one feels good, most people will notice, acknowledge, and appreciate this beauty. It will come across as positive energy. It is our greatest desire to bring forth happiness, satisfaction, and enjoyment that is simply photogenic, a feeling that renders repetitive "Kodak-Moments" with each service.


Although it is our goal to make you look good, we just want to make sure you feel good too!




Braid. Loc. Twist. Coil. Define.
We are Creative, Fun, Approachable, and Professional 


wHO aRE wE?



We are Family. We are Artist. We are Thinkers. We are Professionals.


LaTasha Mason has been a Licensed Cosmetologist for the last 25 years. She specializes is in Natural Hair,  Relaxed Hair, Weaving, and Braiding. Her passion and good spirit is always visual.  LaTasha is vibrant, creative, approachable, and genuine, and she always strives to please her clients with attentiveness and devotion.

Misha Ellison is a licensed Esthetician, Natural Hair-Stylist, and Undergraduate of SFSU. Licensed for  10 years, she  has primarily worked as a Natural Hair-Stylist. She specializes in Loc Maintenance, Loc Styling, Braiding, Twisting, Natural Up-do’s, and More.  Misha is a creative, positive, and sincere practitioner that LOVES her craft.

Both Mother and Daughter work actively together in the intimate space at Photogenic Salon. They have great interests in wellness, relaxation, and proactive health practices.  As they strive to reach their personal health goals, they aim to surround their atmosphere with healthy influences.  They enjoy aromatherapy, herbal teas, and natural quality-driven products, all of which they incorporate in their services. 



LaTasha Mason [Left] Misha Ellison[Right]

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