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Thank You For Your Support!



In the midst of all considered, socially and economically, we are very honored with the surprise of our districts’ support!

Check out the featured article and show them some love!


This gave us a push to ask for support!



We have been apart of the Temescal District for more than 12 years, and to receive "Shout-Out" support, in the midst of our temporary closure is quite heartwarming! As business owners, we are very proud to say that our space has become a hub for: sharing ideas, feeding the homeless in our neighborhood, informing others about job opportunities, community event coordination, creating of book clubs, and even providing tutoring through client-based mentorship. With Covid-19 causing a temporary closure, it has been both saddening and uplifting, in terms for social rise. We have applied for many grants and have yet to receive any funds to support the stability of our business. Any donations will specifically go towards business preservation, while adapting to new required changes


We have a clientele Team full of: service providers, product makers, entrepreneurs, students, medical professionals, educators, activist, artist, scientist, and healers.

We have been so blessed to share and learn from one-another!  We want to assure that this gift is not lost.


Thank you!  Thank you! Thank you!

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